Ristorante Pizzeria Oasi

The Oasi...not just a name but the reality!

We are a real oasis in the shade of large trees that protect from the heat in summer and color the spring days.

We were born as a shop to offer selected products of the territory, zero kilometer, and we have maintained over the years these roots to offer super appetizers of various specialties, fried pastry patties with cream cheese, Tuscan crostini, various types of cold cuts and wholesome cheeses, sandwiches , stuffed muffins, pizzas very rich but highly digestible because we use soft wheat flour ground type 2, but also catering with first and second land and sea.

During the summer evenings when it is really a pleasure to be outdoors, we also organize themed dinners and musical evenings

Special for CHILDREN: playground for children with slides, swings and many other games that we update every year to entertain your children while you eat in peace.


Tel: 347 662 3292
Indirizzo: Via Roncione, 22 Lorenzana, Crespina (PISA)
From Tuesday to Sunday 09:30/15:00 - 18:00/23:00
Closed on Monday


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For table reservations use only the number: 347 662 3292.

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